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Had this sitting in my library for a while, waiting for a time I was in the mood to tackle a text based game, let alone a lewd one. Man do I regret waiting on this. I'm normally not someone who would consider themselves submissive or even into this kind of goading, petplay type thing. But honestly it's so well written I didn't even care, I was both interested just to see where it went next, and also just how much hotter it would get. Very impressive work!


this was really good... I've only done a few endings so far but I'll definitely do more. thank you for this!!!

glad you enjoy it! thank you for playing and posting! 

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This is a fantastic thing and has a lot of work put into it and some very hot writing! Thank you! I particularly like how much effort went into the coding and the new game plus aspect, really more thoughtful design than pretty much any other erotic game I've seen!!! 5/5!


Reading from a typewritten page:

This game changed my life. You too can reap the same...uh...--(squinting, "What is this word?")...MUL-TI-TU-DI-NOUS benefits and cease to be a simpering (winces) uncouth little pervert like I used to be. ("Ouch--seriously Ikks?") You will find yourself with renewed purpose and meaning, it's guaranteed. Memorize this text, don't read right off the paper, and smile enthusiastically and give a thumbs-up at the end! Oh, shi--

(smiles quite stupidly and gives a meek, close-to-chest thumbs-up)

why is this not avalible on windows?


You should open it in the browser, as it's an .HTML page, not an executable (.exe).

how do I download it? the thing won't let me

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Like I said, open the link in  a browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, etc)