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This showed up in my game recommendations and I was like "That looks like something ikks would draw. HEY WAIT A SECOND."


Check out this recently released hentai game, it's so cool. Just look at the graphics and the art-style!

Play here, CLICK


Hi! Have you already played the beta version of Hentai World? If no, then do it now.

Here is the website to download, CLICK!


Had this sitting in my library for a while, waiting for a time I was in the mood to tackle a text based game, let alone a lewd one. Man do I regret waiting on this. I'm normally not someone who would consider themselves submissive or even into this kind of goading, petplay type thing. But honestly it's so well written I didn't even care, I was both interested just to see where it went next, and also just how much hotter it would get. Very impressive work!

thank you for playing! I'm glad to hear that, I tried to make it as approachable as possible 😊


this was really good... I've only done a few endings so far but I'll definitely do more. thank you for this!!!

glad you enjoy it! thank you for playing and posting! 

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This is a fantastic thing and has a lot of work put into it and some very hot writing! Thank you! I particularly like how much effort went into the coding and the new game plus aspect, really more thoughtful design than pretty much any other erotic game I've seen!!! 5/5!


Reading from a typewritten page:

This game changed my life. You too can reap the same...uh...--(squinting, "What is this word?")...MUL-TI-TU-DI-NOUS benefits and cease to be a simpering (winces) uncouth little pervert like I used to be. ("Ouch--seriously Ikks?") You will find yourself with renewed purpose and meaning, it's guaranteed. Memorize this text, don't read right off the paper, and smile enthusiastically and give a thumbs-up at the end! Oh, shi--

(smiles quite stupidly and gives a meek, close-to-chest thumbs-up)

why is this not avalible on windows?


You should open it in the browser, as it's an .HTML page, not an executable (.exe).

how do I download it? the thing won't let me

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Like I said, open the link in  a browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, etc)