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You stand outside the door to her office. You're not sure why you've been called in, and certainly have no idea what to expect from her. If nothing else, this might be the chance you've been looking for to ogle her, just a bit...

She's a curvaceous vixen, stacked from her chest to her cock. When trapped in her office, what can you get away with-- and how will you be brought into line?

This is a DEMO of an interactive work of 18+ fiction from a first-person perspective.  Featured kinks include: Domination and submission • Body marking • Pet play • Humiliation • Verbal degradation • Worship, especially of specific body parts-- feet, chest, etc. • Exhibitionism (By mention) • Lactation (Optional) • Anal FIngering & Rimming (Optional)

With 19 endings and 15,000 words, this project has been quite the labor of love! I hope you enjoy playing and re-playing alike.

Cover art by Red Valentine


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Gotta say, this was an impressive demo! I felt immersed in the good way!


Aw, thank you! It's really sweet of you to leave a comment. I'm especially glad because immersion was one of my main goals!  💚